You can find pyramids on all continents on Earth and in many places under water. Contrary to what mainstream science claims, they are not created by using slaves and ropes, but by alien visitors and by ancient peoples who had learned the technique from extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings, like the Atlanteans.

Pyramids were multifunctional, that’s why the majority of the time was not spent on construction, but on design. They served as light beacons, as a place of meditation, a place for initiations, healing devices, a source of free energy (1), as an antenna to "hear" what was going on on Earth from other places in the universe, as a calendar, communications system, stabilizer and as transport systems, among other things. Though they were sometimes used as Royal tombs at a later stage, they were not originally designed for this purpose. In the Great Pyramid of Giza for example, no mummies have ever been found.

Pyramid hands

Building the pyramids

For the Great Pyramid of Giza 2.3 million stones were used, that, altogether weighed some 14.3 billion pounds. The top deviates less than 2 inch from the center of the more than 60,000 yd2 square base. This top is located at 29,9792458 degrees north latitude, referring precisely to the speed of light (299792458 meters per second). In the surrounding complex perfectly tailored blocks of 200 tons are used. The base of the pyramid of Giza is exactly the same size as that of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

The complex of the pyramids of Giza is, in contrast to that of Teotihuacan only partially unearthed and accessible to the public, since some evidence makes the assumption of higher influences all too overly obvious (and as we know, those who hold powerwould rather not have that). For example, on the top of a mountain to the north of Giza you find the pyramid of Abu Rawash, that is only accessible from the air (!) (2).

Building the pyramids took a relatively short time and was not such a difficult challenge, given the superior technology that the builders had at their disposal. Sound techniques were used for tailor made cutting and transporting of the stones. 

How sound can make a stone float

Every sound has a particular frequency. This applies also to solid objects, because all material is light-energy that vibrates at a particular frequency. If two frequencies collide, then that can have a remarkable effect. The density of a stone, for example, can be taken away, so that the stone enters a state where it has no solidity, resistance or weight. Then it is easy to knead it with your bare hands.

That’s why such beautiful stone artifacts have been found in South America that cannot be worked by people nowadays (3). And that is also why stone blocks were found in the pyramid of Giza with a hair sticking out. Not out of the seams, but out of the stone itself. Probably the result of a pyramid builder who lost a hair while cutting the pliable stone.


The largest known pyramid in the world is that of Cholula in Mexico, with a volume of 4.45 million cubic meters. The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is actually higher, but ‘only’ has a volume of 2.5 million cubic meters. Unfortunately, the pyramid of Cholula will probably never be completely unearthed, because the Spanish rulers built a church on top of it in the 16th century. Perhaps they had something to hide?

Inset: scale model of the likely construction of the pyramid

Air Transport

Sound was also used to transport the enormous blocks. Faced with a certain frequency, every object, no matter how heavy, will float. In India some street artists entertain the public with this type of technique, and you can also find out more about this on the Internet (4)(5). These techniques form some of the secrets that are in the possession of the freemasons, and this order owes its name to this. Some of the largest cathedrals in the world were built by them with the aid of sound. Also "mysterious" resorts such as Coral Castle in Florida (6) were created in this way.

Finally, the enormous mental power of the builders ("mind over matter") was also applied in the building of the pyramids, whereby the stones fit each other perfectly and came to lie practically seamlessly next to each other. This technique was also used for other megalithic constructions, for example, the Sacsayhuaman walls in Peru.


The perfect joining walls of Sacsayhuamán, near Cuzco in Peru

New Discoveries

For a long time it was thought that the Great Pyramid of Giza was the highest in the world, but at this moment another pyramid is being unearthed that is even higher, near Visoko in Bosnia (7). This pyramid, just like Giza and Teotihuacan is part of a large complex, of which all the other pyramids are still covered. As is the case with the Egyptian government, the Bosian government is attempting to thwart further research into this complex as much as possible, out of fear of discovering things that should be kept secret from the public (8).

Hundreds of pyramids can be found all over the world (9). The pyramids in Italy, Russia, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines and the United States are still barely known and often overgrown with vegetation. The governments refuse to restore them or to pay attention to them. In some cases they have even been destroyed (10)(11)(12).

There are also a lot of undiscovered pyramids underwater. The Yonaguni pyramid off the coast of Japan is slowly beginning to release its secrets (13), but when it comes to the nameless pyramids near the Bahamas (14) and Cuba, very little is known. There are American marine witnesses who say that with submarines they have found man made structures off the coast of Cuba at more than 700 meters deep. Pyramids, sphinxes, buildings and roads, hieroglyphic like inscriptions etc. They even found machines that still worked (!), including lamps that never went out.
These machines were immediately removed by the marines, and can probably only be viewed by a select public now in one of the secret museums of the illuminati. Russian research has also discovered pyramid like structures near the Bermuda Triangle at 700 meters deep (15).

Pyramids are not only an earthly phenomenon, because on the Moon and on many other planets and their moons, similar constructions can be found. On photos of the Moon that are released by NASA, these are consistently airbrushed.


The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt: 2.3 million stone blocks, 14.3 billion pounds in total 


Many pyramids fit the same conditions:

    1. The triangular form with a square base


    1. The sides face the cardinal directions precisely


    1. They lie around the "celestial equator" (16) (the line that would be our equator if the Earth' axis wasn't tilted)


    1. They contain all types of corridors and chambers


    1. They are made of stone (though most Chinese pyramids are made of a type of hard earth and some are even made of iron)


    1. They are built the same way, on a base of large, uneven stone blocks that fit together seamlessly. This ground plane is extremely resistant to earthquakes


    1. Underground passages link the pyramids with each other


    1. They are oriented on star(sign)s like Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades and Cygnus (Swan)

Finally, almost all pyramids, and megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge, are also built on intersections of Ley lines, the powerful energy lines that form an invisible grid around the globe. This also shows that the builders of these constructions knew a lot about our planet.

Blooming period

The great pyramids on Earth, such as those of Giza and Teotihuacan, were built more than ten thousand years ago. Given the ever present worship of the Feathered Serpent (17) and the god Horus, symbolized by the hawk, the Anunnaki from the constellation of Orion were probably responsible for it. This alien race is a cross between humanoid and reptilian beings and long before that, it was also responsible for the creation of modern man (homo sapiens) in South Africa (18)These Anunnaki presumably settled again on our planet, and set about constructing these magnificent buildings. Multifunctional and earthquake proof, so that they would last a while. But we can only guess at how long this pyramid culture lasted and exactly what took place.
The fact is, that throughout history there were probably fierce wars with other civilizations, who perhaps also wanted to conquer Earth. Because in many megalithic places, traces of destruction and even nuclear attacks (19) have been found. Also the many underground passages that were not only found under, but also between the old stone constructions all over the world, suggest that there was something to fear from the air (20).

Sirian pharaohs

Whether such conflicts were the reason that the Anunnaki left again we do not know, but it is certain that there have been periods even after their departure during which alien visitors built a culture around the pyramids.

The best-known and most recent example is the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. They expanded the complexes around the pyramids and introduced numerous decorations, such as statues and murals. The famous hieroglyphics, which incidentally never refer to the construction of the pyramids, stem from this time.

This last period of abundance took place after the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, and was therefore part of the universal 11,500 year cycle that we still find ourselves in, and that is currently coming to an end.

There are indications that in this last period in Egypt, multiple alien races were all settled at the same time, living pleasantly with the human population. Given their superiority in virtually all areas, the people regarded them as gods. Images, drawings and x-ray photos of pharaohs show that many of them had elongated skulls. Such skulls were also found in other places on Earth, and seem typical of the inhabitants of one or more planets revolving around the star Sirius B.

Numerous images of feline and bird like creatures have also been found in the complexes. These strange figures are written off by modern day science as people wearing masks, but considering the numerous images of humanoid figures with bird and lion heads that have been found at other prehistoric locations, they may be alien feline and bird like creatures. Many images of bird like creatures, like on Easter Island, in Armenia and in the caves of Lascaux in France, don't look much like hawks, so the worship of Horus can probably be excluded here. 


A lion, a bird and some human heads with high headgear (or elongated skulls?) see the sun rise at the not yet exposed pyramid of Nemrut Dağı in Turkey. High in the sky, the star Sirius and the constellation Orion, probably the home of their makers, still watch over them 

Time Travel

As we saw with the works of art, the fact that some beings are able to travel through time, does not make things easier. Although 'impossible things' like the Waldemar Julsrud collection and human like footsteps in layers of earth that are millions of years old (21) are then easy to explain, at the same time it is useless to try and paint a definitive picture of history. Every period in history might have been visited and changed by time travelers, whenever they felt like it. And even though the present then automatically changes too, it does mean that no history book ever has a long term value.

From the Montauk Project (22) and whistleblowers such as Andrew Basiago (23) we know that the illuminati have known for decades how to travel through time. Could this be the reason why, in some Egyptian hieroglyphics, objects appear that look exactly like modern military helicopters?


In the Temple of Abydos in Egypt hieroglyphics have been found that clearly contain images of helicopters and other flying objects

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