Huge Discovery of ‘Monumental Proportions’ That Could Change History.

See the truth like never before. This is stunning and extraordinary footage and information from around the world which proves the nephilim of the Bible did exist—including some pretty extensive, eye-opening recent news clips of some profound discoveries!  I am including a few of them within this article, but there are many more in the below video.


These videos support the presence of Biblical nephilim/fallen angels, who were highly skilled, technologically advanced supernatural beings. And, they were also extremely evil! In fact, their bloodline is still alive and well today in what we know as the ‘Illuminati’, ‘luciferians’, ‘Freemasons’, ‘elitists’, (UN)-United Nations, etc. and they are also operating in the shadows in the entertainment industry, our government, and much more! The Antichrist himself will come through the ‘pure’ evil luciferian bloodline.

Latest News On Nephilim Discoveries:

FORT SMITH (KFSM)- A local diver will appear on national television after he was asked to help the History Channel. The program will present evidence from a dive showing giants once lived in Arkansas.

It was a two day, 40-foot adventure in July on Beaver Lake for Mike Young from Fort Smith. “Being the explorer, I had to go look at it,” Young said.

Young said he was looking for giants. “They were between eight to 10 feet long,” Young said. “There was one room off to the back that did get pretty tight.”  5 News