This topic covers a lot of ground. Esoterism can be defined as knowledge from within, the occult (which meaning is obscured, veiled, not for every eye to see).

In this same topic I'll cover the next subjects too:

     - Gnosticism
     - Spirituality
     - Sacred Geometry and Numbers
     - Studying Hebrew

I'm a Christian. Gnosticism is deeply intertwined with other Christian centered movement. The early books (scriptures) stems from the first few hundred years AD. Many of those books are apochryphal, i.e. not made it into the canonical books of the Bible. Therefore very interesting to read. See the submenu for more information.

Spirituality is a bit hard to define. Someone can be an atheist, but still be spiritual. One common sentence that passes around is "I don't believe in God, but I think there's something after this". Well, that defines it a litle bit. God fits into this picture of spirituality, another one will say that he or she believes in one big cloud of love. Well, that can be defined as God also. Or "just" some sort of afterlife, without anything. Earthbound spirits I call them.

Sacred Geometry and Numbers is wonderful to dig deeper into. Some scholars, like Nassim Haramein, think the whole universe is made up out of geometry. This is called sacred. Pythagoras and his students were strongly influenced by math, taught by the Egyptians to him.

Everything in nature is in relation to Fibonacci (see article in submenu), with the most important number of them all, 1.618 (Golden Ratio). Maybe you heard of it, or not. I'm going to explain this in the submenu.

This is just a little explanation of this menu. I hope you will enjoy it.


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