The Biggest Lie in Recent History
16-01-2015  14:12



Well, let's start with the biggest lie presented to us by the Main Stream Media (MSM) in recent history. The 9/11 attacks, whom supposedly was carried out by 19 hijackers (at least 7 are still alive) with boxcutters. They took some flying lessons in a single engine Cessna to take over 4 Boeings . According to the flight instructor, it was clear from the beginning that they wouldn't pass the exams. In fact, he was quite suprised that one of the hijjackers was driving a car. Licenced to fly a Cessna to steer a big Boeing with ultimate precision is like carving a turkey at Thanksgiving is enough experience to perform open heart surgery on a patient. Makes no sense at all.    I'm not going to present all the facts, there are plenty of websites whom are very detailed in every single aspect of this. Just going to be globally overlooking the 9/11 events. For all you skeptics and (paid) trolls out there, here's just one question I want to ask you: how is it possible that 3 buildings (WTC) came down with free fall speed, including building 7 which was never hit by any debree let alone planes, and that EVERY single building on the WTC site was turned into dust or partially collapsed?


Here is an excellent video, made by high ranking officers, eye witnesses and airport controllers:





Also is it advisable to watch the following (excellent) presentation of Dr. Judy Wood, in which she presents the evidence, and only the evidence. She has no opinion on who caused the attacks, just presenting the facts. No one has to come close of denying the evidence she presented. I'm looking for her book, but it is hard to get for me (as a foreigner). So if someone have a copy, please notify me.



David Icke sums it up perfectly:



Here is a short explaination of why the buildings couldn't have collapsed the way they did.






Bodies found and blood washed away in the subway just moments BEFORE the "planes" hit the towers. Were they killed by some kind of blast maybe? Bombs? CSI at the crime scene, including briefcase.